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  • Best Pets – We believe Bengals make the best pets.  We raise our registered, purebred Bengals to be family members.
  • Stunning Patterns – Our Bengals are bred from award-winning lines to provide the striking appearance of wild cats.
  • Affectionate Personalities – Bloodlines are chosen for the best pet personality.
  • Focus on Pets – Kittens are raised as family members with full access to our home.  We never use cages.
  • Raised as Pets – Our kittens are socialized to be good pets. We spend our time loving and raising our babies.  While we appreciate, respect and benefit from all those who participate in shows, we prefer to focus on raising our babies.
  • Health Guarantee – Our kittens are provided with a veterinary health certificate, medical records, appropriate vaccinations, and a health guarantee.
  • Life-Long Cat-Lovers – We have lived with cats all our lives and raise all our kittens as if they will be our pets forever.

Bengals are the successful result of many years of research and breeding to create an affectionate domestic cat with a beautifully distinctive wild cat appearance.
The breed has retained many of the exotic markings, patterns and the broader chest of its wild ancestors, while developing excellent domestic pet qualities.
 Bengals are very soft, gentle, intelligent, confident, enthusiastic, curious and engaging.  Bengals are known to be low allergen cats.
If you would like a Friend for Life, a Bengal is for you!.




We are a small, in-home TICA registered, TIBCS member Bengal breeder, raising Bengal kittens as pampered and cherished family members with full access to our home. 
Our purebred kittens are registered, vet monitored and have age-appropriate vaccinations. They are sold with a contract and health guarantee.
We strive to breed for excellent health, quality and people-oriented purrrr-sonalities.
We are located in the greater Boston area; easily accessible by public transportation or car.
Please feel free to contact us.

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Updated March 17, 2023

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