Purchasing a Kitten

We strive to provide the best value in quality pet Bengal kittens in the Boston area.  Our kittens are well socialized as pets and go to their new homes with a health guarantee, a veterinary health certificate, medical records, appropriate vaccinations, and a purchase contract.  New parents receive a Kitten Transition Kit that includes familiar food, familiar toys, a blanket that smells like mom and littermates, and a few surprises to ease the transition to your home.  We also provide advice and instructions on the best way to transition your kitten to your home and on how to introduce him/her to other pets (see Kitten Care and Feeding).

We understand the choice of a pet is very personal and the purr-sonalities must match.  We encourage you to schedule a visit to see if one of our kittens chooses you. We are available to schedule visits during daytime or evenings on both weekdays and weekends.


Reserving a Kitten

Kittens can be reserved at any time.  When a reservation is made before a litter is born, or before the kittens are 6 - 8 weeks old, the reservation holds your place in queue to choose your kitten.   The choices of specific kittens are made in the order the reservations are received.  Generally new parents choose their kitten(s) by the time the litter is 8 weeks old. Kittens are available to go to their new home when they are about 12-13 weeks old.  Once you have chosen your kitten, you can name him/her, and we will use that name for the remainder of his/her stay here.  We will, of course, be in regular contact with you and available for any questions you might have.  We will also regularly provide updated pictures of the kittens as they grow.

The reservation fee is $300.  This fee is non-refundable but may be postponed to future litters.  A Reservation Contract is provided when the reservation is made.


Purchasing a Kitten

Our kittens are typically available to go to their new homes at about 12-13 weeks of age.  We believe this is the youngest age the kittens should leave their mother. Keeping the kittens with their mother until this age allows the kittens to be naturally weaned, gives sufficient time for socialization with help from their mother, and sufficent time for vaccinations to take effect.  It is not in the best interests of the kitten or the new parents to rush this process.

When the kittens are old enough, a pick-up date and time is scheduled.  We recommend a time be chosen when one or more of the new parents will be home and available for the next few days to bond with the kitten through the transition.   This often means that a Friday afternoon is a good time for a pick-up.  At this time, the new parents should have their home prepared for the new kitten (see Kitten Care and Feeding).  Please remember to bring a pet carrier for the pick-up.

At the time of pick-up, the purchase price of the kitten is due (or the remainder of the purchase price if a reservation was made). This payment must be cash or cash-equivalent (cashiers check, traveler's checks, or money orders).  A purchase contract and guarantee is provided when the payment is received.  A Kitten Transition Kit with familiar food, familiar toys, a blanket that smells like mom and littermates and a few surprises is also provided with the kitten.

Kitten Pricing

Our pet kittens are typically priced at $2000.00 to $2200.00.  We offer a $300.00 discount when more than one kitten is purchased.  Occasionally older kittens are available at lower prices.  These prices are for pet kittens; if you are interested in kittens for breeding or show, contact us

We occaisionally have a retired Queen available for $350 to the right home.  This is a low cost opportunity to experience the joys of living with a Bengal.